Case Study

Toshiba Masters Testimonial

In 2014, Toshiba TEC’s photocopier business was facing a flat market in the UK. Toshiba selected a group of dealers from their top 20 accounts and invited them to participate in the Masters programme.


Carl Day Toshiba Masters Testimonial

Carl Day , Director Toshiba TEC UK, talks about the approach that Toshiba took in selecting a professional development partner


Simon Quinton SAP Masters Testimonial

Simon Quinton, VP and Managing Director SAP UK and Ireland, reflects on completion of the Masters programme and the impact that it has had for him.


Transitioning from Sales Training to Sales Education

As part of a wider professionalisation of the sales function, forward-looking companies are discovering the benefits of sales education as a way to equip their people to thrive in today’s complex and challenging business environment.


International Journal of Sales Transformation

Interested in Sales Transformation? Looking for inspiration? Want to know lessons from other organisations that have been on the same journey?


Ethics in sales: a novel approach to sales education

Completed in May 2016, this Masters project investigates links between ethics and education, and sets out to evaluate the impact that longer-term education will have on individual sales behaviour.


Retaining high-performing salespeople

Research findings uncover what high-performing salespeople want from their organisations and, just as importantly, what they don’t want


Three Often Overlooked Topics To Enhance Sales Practice

Why the three topics of coaching, change management and stakeholder engagement should be considered more seriously in the development of sales managers and sales professionals identified as high performers.


Dr Philip Squire CEO Consalia

Dr Philip Squire, CEO Consalia, explains why Consalia is driven by a desire to improve sales effectiveness and professionalism