Learning Experience

Discover how you and your organisation can learn with Consalia

Embarking on a new learning experience can be daunting.

That’s Ok.

We’ll be there at every stage of your journey.

Consalia is the only business school dedicated to professional learning in sales. We have created programmes specifically designed to benefit the student and employer equally.

do I study?

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Work-based learning

Your study and work are integrated, Your time will be dedicated to learning that is aligned to your role.

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Blended and face to face

Face to face interactions are important but not always possible. A mixture of online and in-person learning has the greatest benefit.

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The right tools to suceed

Our learning system combines world-class content, a unique system of learning based on reflective practice and coaching.

COLLABARATIVE APROACH: Striking a balance between learning and work

Everyone is involved in deciding how individual and company goals are met in the current environment.

Student - Developing new skills and ideas in the context of current client relationships

Employer - Working with leadership, defining areas of personal growth through work-based projects

Consalia - Support and guidance informed by years of experience of applying our programmes in similar companies.

Working together we can use this approach to achieve
Sales Transformation.

Working together,
with your employer

Unlike other programmes, we work with you and your employer to understand how the each progranmme can be adapted to reflect the requirements of your job,

WORKING WITH OUR TUTORS: Direction, guidance and support.

A dedicated tutor will be with you to gain an understanding of your personal working challenges and adapt the programme to meet those needs. A constant and regular source of support and encouragement.

Learning Journals

A Learning Journal maintained throughout the programme, becoming a collection of work based evidence that demonstrates the skills, knowledge and behaviours that the student has acquired against the standard, how learning has been applied and their achievements and capabilities.

Word-Based Projects

These projects are designed to inform areas of the student’s B2B Sales practice. The project will be contextualised to the student’s work environment and will reinforce the knowledge, skills and behaviours developed throughout year 1 of the programme.

Final Year Project

A contextualised end of year work-based project covering all the relevant activities of a B2B Sales Professional which will demonstrate enhancement of the student’s professional practice.

Become part of a global effort

Each research project that you produce as part of your programme is peer reviewed and used to improve our collective knowledge and understanding.