Winning Value Proposition™

Winning large deals shouldn’t be left to chance. Increase your success rates and close those major deals with Consalia’s WVP programme.

A different way of tackling major deals

Is your bidding process not delivering the results you want? Wasting too much time and money on unsuccessful bids? Transform your thinking with Consalia’s Winning Value Proposition™ (WVP) framework. 

No more pouring over spreadsheets matching technical capabilities to the spec document. We do things differently – WVP is about responding to RFPs with creativity that will elevate you above the competition. 

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Dramatically improve win-rates
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Discover hidden opportunities
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Nurture client relationships

Some of the companies who are already using WVP:

Why use WVP?

Bidding for major pieces of work is expensive. It can take months of work from whole teams of employees, only to get no returns if the client decides to go with a competitor. Increasing win-rates for these bids therefore doesn’t just have a massive impact on revenue but also on minimising losses. 

WVP has been proven to increase win-rates for companies dealing with large-scale complex deals valued at £20 million to £200 million. Just look at HP, who raised their win-rates in Western Europe to 67% using WVP – an increase of 67%.

Read the full HP case study

What is WVP?

A framework for account teams on how to approach proposals. It includes specially-designed tools to encourage creativity and inspire your team to find new ways of delivering value to clients.

In other words, it teaches you to craft a Winning Value Proposition.™

How does it work?

Every organisation’s learning needs are different – we’ll work with you to build a WVP programme that’s right for you. You might be looking to learn WVP for a specific upcoming deal, or be looking to totally transform how your whole organisation approaches proposals.

The learning might take the form of a 2-day workshop where your team can learn together, or independent online learning scalable even to the biggest global teams.

But we don't have to stop there.  

We can go beyond the internal process by engaging directly with your customers to incorporate their input into the commercial proposition. These "Voice of the Customer" interviews let you get to the heart of what the client really wants and craft a proposition that speaks directly to that need. 

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In-person workshop

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In-person workshop

Two days of intensive learning covering every aspect of the WVP framework.

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Consalia Online

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Consalia Online

Learn WVP at scale with online modules your team can work through in their own time.

Deal consulting Icon 1

Deal consulting

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Deal consulting

Utilise Consalia's decades of experience with large complex deals - we can consult on a proposal from start-to-finish and help you implement WVP effectively.

Voice of the Customer Icon 1

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer Icon 2

Voice of the Customer

We can support your transformation by interviewing either current clients or a prospective customer to help you craft more insightful proposals.


When is the best time to start a WVP programme?

The ideal time to start a WVP programme with us is early on in the sales cycle. This means either just before receiving an opportunity to bid for a project or very soon after the bid has been received. This will help your team get off to a fantastic start and let us guide you through the entire process from start to finish. 

Alternatively, it could be after the bid has been received and the company is starting to work out who they might want to work with on the bid. In either case, engaging Consalia early on will help facilitate thinking around how to win and increase the chances of success. 

How much does WVP cost?

The cost of running a WVP program can vary depending on the situation. For a specific opportunity, a minimum investment of £12k is required for a two-day workshop, or £20k if client engagement is involved.  

An alternative is to run an initiative where multiple people are taught the skills of WVP in a workshop setting divorced from a specific deal. The investment for this kind of initiative would be around £15k, which could be divided among 15 people, making it a £1000 per person investment. 

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