Mindset Survey

Through our doctoral research, we have found that less than 10% of sales professionals sell to C-level executives in a way that they would like. 


As a result, we have created the Sales Mindset survey to assess your current mindset. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and comprises 20 questions, each with two statements. Simply move the slider along the bar, towards the statement you most agree with.


If you have any problems, please email mindsets@consalia.com.

I believe in developing long-term relationships with customers.

I believe that customers often take their suppliers for granted and I therefore always put our interests in a deal first.

Question 1 / 20

To be in sales is to be manipulative.

I never make my customers feel pressured to buy.

Question 2 / 20

I enjoy thinking “outside the box”.

I often think that I know my customers better than they know themselves.

Question 3 / 20

I keep up to date with our own products and services.

We could be more Customer Centric in the way we develop solutions for Customers.

Question 4 / 20

I deliberately set out to make people feel uncomfortable.

I know the limits for how far to push a suggestion with a customer and I do not overstep this.

Question 5 / 20

Customers approach me and ask for new ideas.

I have always managed to reach my goals with the minimum amount of efffort.

Question 6 / 20

I am proactive in progressing the project/transaction and take personal responsibility for identifying and solving problems.

I have so many accounts to manage that it's impossible for me to be proactive in thinking about what is in the best interests of my customer.

Question 7 / 20

People are essentially motivated by self interest and in order to win you must be better at influencing others to make decisions that you want them to make.

All data I present is factual and never manipulated to prove a particular point.

Question 8 / 20

Once I hit my sales targets I tend to push future deals into the next quarter/year.

I spend time reflecting on my customer’s issues and what my organisation could offer that would add value to the areas they care about.

Question 9 / 20

I ensure that creativity and innovation is included in the deal making or transaction process.

While it may benefit the customer - it's sometimes so hard to get things done internally that it's not worth the effort.

Question 10 / 20

I never withhold information from the customer or try to cover the truth even if it is for my own or my company’s advantage.

It's not that I lie but I may not share the full story in order to best position my company's services and products.

Question 11 / 20

People will exploit any sign of weakness so to counter that I deliberately come across as extremely self confident.

I am bold and daring in presentation of ideas and solutions.

Question 12 / 20

To promote efficiency we tend to produce standard presentations - customisation makes the sales process inefficient.

I listen carefully to what the customer is saying and ensure they feel they have been understood.

Question 13 / 20

I have creative ideas which go beyond the customer’s brief and can be for any area that would benefit them.

One can waste a lot of time working on new ideas for customers that will never come off.

Question 14 / 20

I have a disregard for conventional/traditional thought and approaches.

I know I talk too much and don’t listen to customers - but then as long as its to their advantage does it matter?

Question 15 / 20

I use what ever means to reach my sales targets.

I am never pretentious.

Question 16 / 20

I don’t care if I hurt someone's feelings, it's all part of the job of being in sales.

I carefully plan and prepare each audacious approach to a customer - to ensure maximum value and impact, and minimum offence.

Question 17 / 20

As a sales person I have to be arrogant to get things done.

Customers consider me forward/audacious and not afraid to stick my neck out.

Question 18 / 20

I am passionate about my role and about helping customers to improve their business or personal situation.

I do not see the point in carrying out research on our customers before every call or meeting I have with them - often I just don’t have the time.

Question 19 / 20

I enjoy being in control of sales conversations in order that I get what I need.

My customers always find me to be honest, dependable and trustworthy.

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