Sales Transformation

Consalia is the UK’s only Sales Business School, serving a global audience, providing Executive Masters programmes in Sales, as well as Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Apprenticeships in Sales.

The Sales Transformation Challenge

While each situation is different, time and again we find that there are similar core issues facing Sales Leaders; pressure to increase sales, pressure to increase profitability, pressure to act fast. Consalia offers a unique approach to these challenges by focusing on the most important resource of any sales team – the people.

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Deliver significant revenue & profitability
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Develop sales talent and sales leadership
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Establish a lasting sales philosophy
Are you selling in a way that your customers want?
Discover Your Sales Mindset

The Consalia Approach

The heart of the Consalia approach is professional development – we concentrate on how to get each person in your sales team performing to their optimum capability. We work with companies in two different ways to deliver this – either through our Sales Transformation practice or through our Sales Business School and Sales Academy, where we offer Sales Apprenticeships, Degree Apprenticeships, Masters in Sales and Sales Coaching.

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Sales Transformation

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Sales Transformation

The Consalia consultancy practice takes companies through a comprehensive sales transformation journey, from diagnosis through to implementation.

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Business School

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Business School

For companies requiring Professional development only, the Consalia Sales Business School offers a range of specialist programmes for every sales leader or sales person.

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Our Key Insight

Consalia has carried out extensive fundamental research into the sales process and the characteristics that make for successful salespeople. One of the key facts from this research is that less than 10% of sales leaders sell to C-level executives, in the way the sale executives would like. This key insight leads us to develop the Sales Mindsets – a set of values that enable sales success. The Sales Mindsets are a key building block for the Consalia approach and have been validated in practice across many different industries, markets and sales organizations.

Learn more about these Sales Mindsets below.


Discover the Sales Mindsets

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Tactful Audacity

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Proactive Creativity

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Client Centricity

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