What is the
mindset survey?

20 questions that could start your journey of transforming your sales practice.

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The Survey: A simple set of questions

We have created a collection of short questions that make it easy to identify your selling mindset. The survey is a collection of 20 questions and will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. It is important to answer each question openly and honestly to get the best results for yourself, as each question is aligned to a specific mindset.

Your results: Your perception of yourself

Once the survey is complete, you will see your results in a bullseye graph that is split into 4 quadrants. An icon will be placed in one of these quadrants to indicate where your mindset currently lies.

what it all means: Interpreting your results

But what does this result actually mean for you in the real world? We'll analyse your results, mindset by mindset and tell you where you excel, as well as how you can improve in areas where you are not as strong.

360 degree perspective: Surveying your customers

Remember that your perception of yourself is only the first step. Completing the survey is only the beginning. To get the full picture, you should get a 360 perspective from other people's points of view.

Invite those around you to participate in the surveys, such as colleagues, friends, and customers. This way, you'll be able to gain helpful feedback about how others see you.

the bigger picture: Gaining a customer perspective

When your contacts have completed the questionnaire on your sales practice, the anonymised results will be displayed on the same chart.

You may quickly see how each of your contacts perceives each of your mindsets, allowing you to focus on areas where you are not as strong.

Enterprise solution: Taking it further...

But this is just the start; for our corporate clients, we take it to the next level.

We may survey a whole team at once, split internal and external contacts into separate groups, create dashboards that show data over time, and provide in-depth analysis.

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