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If less than 10% of salespeople meet the expectations of their customers, how can we change this?

The situation : The world has moved on

As we move into a new era of selling, the way you sell is becoming less and less effective. More customers are demanding that salespeople align with how they want to be sold to.

The Changing Sources of Competitive Advantage

  • Seller-Controlled Era

    This period of time is when the seller had the advantage of knowing their products and differentiation enabling them to easily articulate the advantages and benefits of their products against others. These seller-controlled environments can be and were severely misused, with salespeople taking advantage of the uninformed buyer and using highly manipulative techniques to close a sale.

  • Buyer-Controlled Era

    In this era, the shift completely changes - control has now firmly moved from the seller to the buyer. The buyer now decides what problems they want to solve, when they want to solve them and when they want to see a salesperson. The buyer will also have studied potential suppliers and conducted their own analysis of the competitive advantages of each.

  • Co-Creation Era

    An era where the buyer and seller work extremely closely to develop new solutions to challenging problems. It is dominated by two characteristics - 'adhocracy' and 'emocracy'. The ability of an organisation to respond quickly to new market pressures, competition and innovations, as well as its ability to appeal to the emotional context of the buyer.

CUSTOMERS HAVE CHANGED: Misaligned expectations

Buyers now choose the problems they want to solve and when they want to solve them. They choose when they want to see a salesperson and often who specifically they want to deal with.

Buyers want to work collaboratively and achieve common goals, working extremely closely to develop new solutions to challenging problems.

Customers are simply getting smarter

WASTED EFFORT: Sales training is only short-term

Companies spend billions on the latest technologies in the Knowledge Era to make sales training more effective. But Gartner studies report that 87% of sales reps forget their training within 30 days.

Frighteningly, the search for a new competitive advantage has driven companies to employ sales training and selling systems that are centred around supplier-centric behaviour.

In an ideal world

There is a disconnect between customer expectations and the reality of sales. Customers now require an environment of trust, where their world is understood, where ideas are brought to them and where they can be appropriately challenged.


As part of his PhD research, Dr Phil Squire discovered that it is the experience of working with organisations, their values and their purpose that will ultimately drive the buying decisions.

Discover The Sales Mindsets : Changing Sales Mindsets

To improve sales performance in this new era, through our research, we've discovered the top four positive sales values and mindsets that customers want to see in salespeople.

Introducing the sales mindsets

  • authenticity

    Originality of thought and ideas helps salespeople to stand out. Together with transparency, unpretentiousness and sincerity creates a climate of trust in the origin of new sales ideas.

  • client-centricity

    Not just understanding the customer but their entire ecosystem, including partners, suppliers, customers and competitors. Always searching for new ways add value to their business.

  • proactive creativity

    More strategic thinking, being one step ahead, coming up with big, small, or even crazy ideas the customer hasn’t thought about before. All grounded in trust developed in the first 2 mindsets.

  • tactful audacity

    Knowing how far to go without going too far. Very difficult to do if the customer is not well known. Emotional intelligence coupled with courage without challenging inappropriately.

COMMUNICATING THE MESSAGE : Embedding the mindsets into your salespeople

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If customers are moving on, then shouldn't we?