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Phil has provided sales consultancy and training for enterprise companies for over 15 years as CEO of Consalia. He has also delivered and project-managed sales training and sales leadership programmes for many major global brands.

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Doctorate & Thesis : Reflection on experience

Phil worked with Hewlett Packard's EMEA large deal pursuit team to create a new approach to selling based on his doctoral research programme. The resultant Winning Value Proposition programme has been a key part of HP's extraordinary success between 2006 and 2009 in winning large outsourcing deals.

This formed the basis of his doctoral research programme into 'how customers want to be sold to' in 2009. As a consequence, he created a strategic relationship with Middlesex University that has led to the design of the world's first in-house Executive Masters Programmes in Leading Sales Transformation for sales leaders and Sales Transformation for those selling complex solutions.

Communication channels : Get the big picture

Icon for Selling Transformed Book

Selling Transformed Book

The ideas formed during Phil's doctoral research expanded and structured into a book, including case studies from various organisations.

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Icon for Sales Transformation Podcast

Sales Transformation Podcast

The latest thinking on Sales Transformation from Dr Phil, the rest of our team, members of the Sales industry and Consalia alumni.

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Icon for Sales <br/> Mindset Survey

Mindset Survey

Developed as part of doctoral research and now available online, this tool helps salespeople understand and improve their mindsets.

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Trade bodies and associations : International Journal of Sales Transformation

In 2016 Phil co-founded the International Journal of Sales Transformation to bring practitioner and academic research to the global sales community.


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