Performance and Analytics

Understand your sales data to better manage your selling business. Predict the future of your sales pipeline.

Is your organisation prepared to meet future KPIs?

Sales behaviour and culture underpin the predictable performance of an organisation. This is used to forecast results while the forecast also informs the systems, processes and KPI’s.  

It is imperative that organisations have a strong understanding of how they view past outcomes and apply it to present day conditions to realise their future potential.  

Many organisations live by the adage that sales requires 3 to 4 times sales coverage. However, does this drive the right sales behaviours? For example:


  • There may be certain products and services that need less/more cover.
  • Do certain accounts always generate a predictable level of revenue?
  • Are there limited levels of white space within key accounts that make 4 times targets impossible to reach?

More than just forecast reporting

It is important that each sales representative understands their role in reaching the goals of the organisation.

As a result of this, not only do we provide forecast reporting that can be used for sales operations and management, but also actionable insights to individual sales representatives.

The insights gained by driving predictive analytics can underpin how managers engage with their sales representatives:


  • Do they have enough coverage?
  • Is there enough mature pipeline?
  • Have you qualified the opportunity enough?
  • How do we coach to maximise the potential of the sales representative?

Have you optimised your sales team's approach to provide the insights that will lead to behavioural change?

Having these insights can also help improve attrition rates.

We know that sales representatives with poor coverage and poor maturity of sales pipeline tend to be the most likely to leave an organisation.

Early insight will enable you to provide resources, coach, or educate those who need improvement.

Understand your sales data and predict your year accurately

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