Consalia Online+

Tailored courses for your wider sales team

Understanding Your Customer's Context Meeting

Consalia Online+ brings the element of Sales Education to SMBs and Enterprise organisations around the world via asynchronous learning.


Unlike our accredited programmes, Consalia Online+ can be scaled to a much wider audience. Whether your sales team is small or spans across the globe, your tailored programme can be taught whenever and wherever in the world.

For the modern sales professional

Create the perfect programme for your senior executives, or break it up into smaller modules for junior executives who are looking to climb the career ladder and become more knowledgeable about their profession.

During the initial discovery stage, we’ll collaborate with you to understand and identify the potential development gaps and the most suitable course content that helps fill in the missing pieces, as well as distinguish appropriate timelines to meet your sales performance objectives.

Using modules from our established Sales Business School, organisations can tailor and design specific e-learning courses that can be delivered via blended learning.

The student experience is our top priority here at Consalia, which is why these courses are facilitated face-to-face or via online intervention by one of Consalia's expert sales tutors.

Made for you

Customise the online learning experience for your sales team by branding your online learning portal to give your sales team a localised feel. 

Monitor your sales teams' progress through their journey of learning. Get a breakdown of which modules have been completed and how far left they have to go. 

Is Consalia Online+ the learning solution for your sales team?

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