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In today’s fast-paced sales environment, it's hard to find the time for transformation

With the rise of remote working it may be a challenge to get your whole team in a room for in-person training. 

Consalia Online lets you and your team learn whenever and wherever you are, and is underpinned by all the same peer-reviewed academic research as our other qualifications. 

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What is Consalia Online?

A series of 100% online modules based on Consalia’s philosophy of values-led sales education. Their purpose isn’t just to train you in the latest shiny methodology that will become outdated in a few years – it’s to completely change how you think about selling. 

This isn’t dry, text-heavy e-learning – Consalia online combines narration, videos, infographics, interactive elements, and more to keep learners engaged and progressing. 

And since it's available on both desktop and mobile, it’s never been easier to find time to improve sales performance. 

Who is it for?

The flexibility of Consalia Online makes it perfect for both teams and individuals.

Looking to transform the way you sell but don’t have the time to dedicate to a multi-year qualification? Consalia Online lets you study at your own pace, and the modular design means there’s no need to commit to months of study until you’re ready.

If you want a scalable way to transform your whole sales team, no matter how big it is, Consalia Online is the perfect solution. Track your team members’ progress as they advance through the modules and create a common language of sales at your organisation. Plus, when new team members join it’s easy to incorporate Consalia Online into your onboarding process.

Discover the modules : Consalia for Sales Professionals

Icon for Harnessing The Power Within

Harnessing The Power Within


Examine your personal values and their alignment With the four critical values that allow customers to establish trusted relationships.

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Icon for Habits For Sales Success

Habits For Sales Success


Forming good habits and breaking bad ones can have a profound impact on our personal and professional success by helping us achieve our goals and excel at work.

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Icon for Sales Mindsets

Sales Mindsets



Dr Philip Squire's doctoral research sought to answer how customers prefer to be sold to, leading to the discovery of the 4 Sales Mindsets every sales professional should have.

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Icon for Financial Acumen

Financial Acumen



Financial Acumen fosters commercial understanding to gauge customer financial performance and showcase solution ROI in today's value-driven market.

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Icon for Digital Selling

Digital Selling



Learn the fundamentals of social selling, including how to research potential customers and measure digital success.

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Icon for Winning Value Proposition™

Winning Value Proposition™


Improve your win-rates and discover new opportunities by learning to craft compelling proposals that get to the heart of what your customers really need.

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Icon for Influencing and Inspiring Others

Influencing and Inspiring Others

Develop a better understanding of your team and stakeholders, which will improve your ability to influence and collaborate.

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How does it work?

Simply buy one or more of the modules and we'll send you your log-in details. You’ll then be ready to start learning right away! If you’re looking to roll-out Consalia Online for your whole team speak to us and we can set up and distribute your log-ins according to your timetable to make getting started as smooth as possible. 

Once you’re signed in it couldn’t be simpler to navigate the modules and progress through the learning. We take you through everything step-by-step with a smorgasbord of different content on your journey to transformation. 

If you’re taking that journey as a team it’s easy to track everyone’s progress to make sure each team member is making headway, and there’s even a built in discussion section for learners to collaborate and ask questions. 

Where should I start?

Consalia Online is modular, so you can mix-and-match the topics you study according to your needs. However, we believe in providing transformative sales education that has a real impact – the modules aren’t just meant to teach basic skills and knowledge, but to change how you think about selling.

With that in mind, we recommend that learners begin with the “Harnessing the Power Within” module. This module asks learners to look inward and assess their own current values, laying the foundation for the next module on the “Sales Mindsets” and how to self-coach to them.

From there you can choose to build more specific skills in the “Financial Acumen” and “Digital Selling” modules. If you work on large complex deals, we also recommend you study the module on our Winning Value Proposition™ (WVP) system.

Finally, we suggest that you study the Habits for Sales Success module last as it will give you the tools to cement all the learning you have done so far.

Speak to us today if you have any questions on which modules are suitable for you or your team.

Tailor a programme to your needs : Discover a Consalia Online solution for you

Icon for Consalia Online for Employers

Consalia Online for Employers

Consalia for Employers is an ideal solution to empower your salesforce at scale with the essential skills and knowledge for achieving revenue growth.

Consalia Online for Employers
Icon for Consalia Online+

Consalia Online+


Consalia Online+ delivers comprehensive blended learning for sales teams, combining  our online modules with webinars, in-person workshops, coaching, and more. Choose from an existing programme or work with us to build a bespoke solution.

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