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The first opportunity for salespeople to receive
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Develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for senior sales leadership and improve your professional status

Postgraduate Programmes : The Right Programme
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Icon for Professional Practice in Key Account Transformation

Professional Practice in Key Account Transformation

For Key Account Managers who are tasked with maximising return on opportunities.
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Icon for Professional Practice in Leading Sales Transformation

Professional Practice in Leading Sales Transformation

For Senior Sales Professionals who are transitioning into a leadership role at their organisations.
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Professional Practice in Sales Transformation

For Sales Managers and Account Managers who are simply responsible for revenue.
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The best way to motivate and improve your sales teams' performance


The Consalia and Middlesex University designed Executive Master's programmes that require no form of an undergraduate degree. However, the highest levels of academic rigour are retained as the assignments are assessed in line with the Middlesex framework for Work-Based Learning (WBL).

This approach allows students a flexible learning experience, delivered through work, in work, for work.

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Over 150 Students Graduated

Working together,
with your employer

Unlike other programmes, we work with you and your employer to understand how each programme can be adapted to reflect the requirements of your role

FREQUENTLY ASKED : Common Questions

  • Will I be able to finish the programme?

    We work with you to deliver a programme that is right for you. We support and guide you at every stage. Over 90% of our students complete their chosen programmes.

  • Will I have enough time?

    Our learning model includes work-based integrated learning and is designed to ensure that you meet your working and learning commitments.

  • Will it help my team?

    Taking learnings from our programmes and applying them to your team will lead to increased sales and ultimately sales transformation.

  • Will it advance my career?

    Our programmes teach you the skills you need to be knowledgeable, confident and professional to help you build and progress in your career.

  • Will it make me a better sales person?

    Improving the way you think about sales will make you more authentic, client-centric and help you to better serve your customers to sell to them in a way that they would like to be sold to.

  • Will this help me to reach my targets?

    Having the right mindsets will improve your relationships with customers and help you to enter “The Winner’s Circle” - the top 10% of sales professionals.

People need to see us as professionals, and I think the way to do that is by changing its people and changing the level of training

Carl Day

Director of Sales & Marketing, Apogee

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Coaching for Sales Transformation

For sales managers and sales leaders who want to learn how to grow their team through coaching.

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Sales Apprenticeships

For developing sales professionals and taking sales leaders to the next level.

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