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10% of sales people?

Here are 20 simple questions that could improve your sales relationships

Through our research, we have found that only 10% of
salespeople sell to customers in a way they want to be sold to.

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Why is there a disconnect between how salespeople see themselves and how they are perceived?

Only by understanding ourselves and how other people perceive us, can we change and truly transform our sales practices.

Sales mindsets are the key to answering this question.

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The Great Resignation

Negative Mindsets: Values that customers say they see in 90% of sales people

A combination of negative mindsets erodes trust, damages reputations and drives away customers.

Manipulative - pushy, insincere, pressurizing, dishonest, glib, annoying.

Overtly Arrogant - Motivated by self-interest, arrogant, individualistic, opinionated, controlling.

Complacent - Egotistical, self-satisfied, inattentive, unconcerned, lazy, unoriginal.

Supplier Centric - Reactive, lacking foresight, disinterest, lacking accountability, unstrategic, unknowledgeable.

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What worked in the past,
won’t work now or in the future

Long-term successful sales relationships are centred around working with companies that demonstrate values
that align with their own.

How customers would like salespeople to behave

These are the key mindsets that you require as a salesperson. Having these values places you in the top 10% of salespeople. We call this "The Winner's Circle".

Authentic - Honest, credible, unpretentious, sincere, ethical, trustworthy, dependable.

Client-centricity - Interested, investigative, knowledgable, dedicated, passionate, accountable, attentive.

Proactive creativity - Strategic, forward-thinking, innovative, creative, reflective, above and beyond.

Tactful audacity - Daring, bold, challenging, aware of limits, diplomatic, unconventional, enthusiastic.

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Today's world is less about knowledge and more about how you think.



MINDSET SURVEY: How do we help salespeople identify their mindsets?

We have created a collection of short questions that make it fun and easy to identify your selling mindset. The survey is only 20 questions long and will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Once the survey is complete we’ll send a copy of the results along with an explanation to your email address.

Why not see what others think of your selling mindset? Invite your contacts to take part in the surveys; your colleagues, your managers, your friends, and most importantly your customers.

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Begin your journey to sales transformation

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