The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 67 - Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023: The best of women on The Sales Transformation Podcast

22 March 2023

In celebration of 2023 International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, we have put together a special episode featuring some of the most stimulating conversations from our female guests since the inception of The Sales Transformation Podcast.

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Listen to snippets from our previous episodes and gain valuable knowledge from interesting discussions and insights from our guests:

  • [5:53] Dr Carole Pemberton, Network Associate at Wondrous: What the word ‘Purpose’ means to a professor specialising in Resiliency (EP 5 – Resiliency trilogy pt. III: Can resiliency be taught?)
  • [16:54] Dr Beth Rogers, Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management: The role that sales apprenticeships play in providing opportunities to salespeople (EP 12 – ‘Selling Professionally’ with Dr Beth Rogers and Dr Jeremy Noad)
  • [22:39] Bianca Portulan, Executive Coach and Programme Director for the MSc in Leading Sales Transformation programme at Consalia: How people’s attitudes to coaching are now changing (EP 16 – How can coaching help achieve Organisational Transformation?)
  • [35:19] Cathy Ward, Chief Operating Officer Asian Pacific Japan at SAP: The evolution of the Chief Anticipation Role (EP 53 - The Transformation of the Chief Operating Officer role – The Chief Anticipation Officer)
  • [43:40] Laura Valerio, Principal Consultant at Highspot: Overcoming the challenges of perception to sales enablement - How sales enablement helps sellers sell better (EP 58 - The Effectiveness of Sales Enablement in Today's World)
  • [54:31] Louise Sutton, Academy Director at Consalia: How will sales leaders support their sales teams in 2023? EP 61 - What do sales leaders need to consider going into 2023?)


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