The Sales Transformation Podcast - Ep 5: Teaching Resiliency

14 December 2020

Can Resiliency Be Taught?


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The final episode of our Resiliency trilogy.

How can sales leaders develop their own resiliency and pass this onto their own sales teams?

In the last episode of our Resiliency trilogy, Dr Philip Squire discusses the notion of teaching resiliency with Dr Carole Pemberton, a professor who has dedicated her doctorate to the topic of resiliency. The pair explore whether or not resiliency can truly be taught to people and how this can be applied to sales teams.

The pair discuss a number of topics:

  • Carole’s background as to how and why she focused her doctorate on the topic of resiliency
  • The types of themes found in her doctorate that can help build up resilience
  • If and how resiliency can be taught and how to apply this to sales teams.

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