The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 58 - The Effectiveness of Sales Enablement in Today's World with Laura Valerio

11 January 2023

In the first episode of 2023, we are joined by Laura Valerio, Principal Consultant at Highspot and an influential figure within the Sales Enablement world.

Laura is passionate about supporting customers in their go to market digital transformation, co-creating strategy and translating it into action to enhance productivity at scale and improve customer success through innovation.


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The Sales Enablement role has been one that has been adopted within many sales organisations to enhance sales productivity and ultimately sales performance.

After an extensive experience in sales, Laura built out a Global Sales Enablement function for a fast-growing B2B company, meaning that she understands what truly drives sales productivity, motivation, and passion – as well as the tools that support them. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from companies such as Vodafone, Deliveroo and Expedia.

Laura believes that helping sales teams to be the best is driven by how well you connect with the hearts of the people you’re trying to help, and how effectively you communicate with them and coach them. Fuelled by a passion for working with sales on delivering results, Laura thinks creatively on strategy and effectively plans its execution. She is thrilled by agile, fast-paced environments where she can make things happen.


Look forward to discussion points on:


  • Understanding what true Sales Enablement really means
  • Exploring what a ‘Strategic Enablement Framework’ is and how important it is to the Sales Enablement role
  • Two schools of thought to motivate your sales teams: fear vs support


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