The Journey to Becoming a Sales Leader with George Pastidis

Part of being a good salesperson, is understanding the art of storytelling. George found an interesting way to share his passion and knowledge of sales through storytelling and making a connection that salespeople would understand.


Consalia's Five Ways To Wellbeing

Today, mental health is such an important topic, especially when it is combined with having to juggle work-life, personal life and the surprises in between. But being aware of a problem is just the start.


An SAP TedTalk with Dr Phil Squire

Recently, Dr Phil had the pleasure of being invited to share his expertise in the sales industry in a special TedTalk hosted by Waldemar Adams, Global SVP, SAP Customer Success COO Office. 



How To Stop Salespeople Leaving Your Organisation

With The Great Resignation happening around us, there needs to be a shift in the environment of Salespeople. What can be offered to Salespeople to encourage them to stay. Was this a generational issue or is it something much deeper rooted than that?