The Sales Transformation Podcast - Ep 18: How to Build a Positive Mindset in Difficult Times with Baz Gray

23 September 2021

How To Build A Positive Mindset in Difficult Times with Baz Gray


The Sales Transformation Podcast - Episode 18


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In the lead up to the Global Sales Transformation event on the 7th October, we have revisited the GST event in 2019 to bring you a talk from Baz Gray, a modern-day explorer, formerly a regimental Sergeant Major for the Royal Marine Commandos.

He spoke about how he became a Royal Marine, the various expeditions he has completed to the South Pole, following in the footsteps of Sir Henry Ernest Shackleton. Baz later discusses how salespeople can mentally prepare for when things aren’t going well, as well as how to focus yourself and draw upon your mental resolve.

The key points that he alludes to is the importance of mental resolve in trying conditions and how to recruit the perfect person for the roles you need.

Baz discusses several topics:


  • How to mentally prepare for situations that aren’t going your way
  • How to create a reliable support network to help in these situations
  • The art of hiring the right person, that they might not be perfect or the best in that field but they are the right person for the business, team and role.


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