Global Sales Transformation XVI

7th October 2021, London Stock Exchange

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Diving deeper into Relationship Capitalisation

This year's Global Sales Transformation theme is around the concept of Relationship Capitalisation.

A relatively new term, it is the process of capitalising on the value of client contracts and the network of people and organizations that represent employees’ clients, partners and suppliers.

It is explained as the value created and maintained by nurturing and managing good relationships and is, therefore, a predictor of the current and future value of (key) accounts and as such can be measured.

If the value of relationships is capitalised in an organisation’s balance sheet, the ‘why do we sell’, the ‘what do we sell’ and the ‘how do we sell’ become important.

Samantha Wessels

Why attend?: Gain New Innovative Insights

At our Global Sales Transformation event, you'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals from a variety of industries, gaining useful insights into the latest topics of Sales.

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Event Details

Thursday 7th October 2021, 1pm - 5pm Icon 1

Thursday 7th October 2021, 1pm - 5pm

Thursday 7th October 2021, 1pm - 5pm Icon 2

Thursday 7th October 2021, 1pm - 5pm

10 Paternoster Sq., London EC4M 7LS Icon 1

10 Paternoster Sq., London EC4M 7LS

10 Paternoster Sq., London EC4M 7LS Icon 2

10 Paternoster Sq., London EC4M 7LS

Guest speakers

Ryan O'Sullivan bust

Ryan O'Sullivan

Industry Head, Professional Services at Introhive
Richard Haigh bust

Richard Haigh

Managing Director at Brand Finance
Alf Janssen bust

Alf Janssen

Sales Director, Strategic Accounts at SAP
Ofer Zilberman bust

Ofer Zilberman

Senior Director for Business Insights and Productivity at ServiceNow


  • 12pm: Networking lunch

  • 12:45pm: Dr Phil Squire and Ryan O'Sullivan

    "Key Accounts: Where Value and Values Intersect"

  • 1:30pm: Richard Haigh

    "The Science of Valuing Intangible Assets (Customer Relationships)" + Q&A

  • 2:00pm: Coffee break

  • 2:15pm: Alf Janssen

    "Purpose Driven Partnerships"

  • 3:00pm: Ofer Zilberman

    "Predictive Analytics for Sales Forecasting"

  • 3:45: Concluding Remarks

  • 4:30pm: Post-event drinks

    @ Happenstance, 10 Paternoster Sq., London EC4M 7DX

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