Nick Rose Sharp Masters Testimonial

15 July 2020

Student Testimonial: Nick Rose - Sharp

Nick Rose

Hear from Nick Rose, Sales Director at Sharp about his recent experiences during the L7 MSc Senior Sales Leadership Apprenticeship:

“When I started in my first sales role close to 15 years ago I could never even have dreamt that the opportunity to study for an MSc in Senior Sales Leadership would present itself. 

Naturally, there was some trepidation around deciding to proceed, but having almost completed year one I can honestly say that it’s one of the best decisions that I’ve made. In a short space of time, I can already feel a real shift in the way that I think about both sales and leadership and can see development in my practice. It’s also incredibly satisfying to see the impact that the application of my study is having on the individuals within my team, especially through the challenging times that we currently find ourselves in, which the MSc has most definitely helped to prepare me for.

The Consalia team are great and are very passionate about the wonderful world of sales. Support is there every step of the way, which is imperatively important while balancing work, home and study. I am also part of a great cohort who are also there to help and support one another on the journey.

I’ve found the course content to be relevant to my role, and some of the models that we’ve explored have led me to make some key changes that have already yielded tangible results. I’m excited to see what the rest of my Master’s journey entails as it continues to push me to become the best leader that I can be.

I would highly recommend the MSc in Senior Sales Leadership”.

Spaces for the upcoming Autumn cohort are now open. To find out more, get in touch with us below.

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