Toshiba Masters Testimonial

10 November 2019


In 2014, Toshiba TEC’s photocopier business was facing a flat market in the UK. Toshiba selected a group of dealers from their top 20 accounts and invited them to participate in the Masters programme. A control group of dealers was also established from those top 20 accounts. In the first quarter, Toshiba were already starting to see dramatic results and these were maintained over the 2 years of the programme . The Control group increased sales by 12 % in 2 years. However, the dealers on the Masters programme, increased sales by 45%. A difference in the performance of 33%.  In this video, some of the Toshiba staff and dealer participants reflect on how the Masters degree impacted their business.

The programme is demanding, but salespeople have responded well. There is a real commitment and willingness from the group. All the salespeople have bought into the programme and, even the ones ‘that aren’t the best’ have responded positively. The programme has been successful at improving sales, and it has had a very positive impact on our dealers. The return on investment of Masters is high.

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