The Consalia Mastercast - What Is It?

09 February 2022

For those that may or may not know, Consalia's vision is to help make sales the world's most sought-after profession. To realise this, we believe that education is the foundation required and thus came up with the idea of having a Masters degree in Leading Sales Transformation (in partnership with Middlesex University): a programme designed to equip sales leaders with the thought leadership required to help manage their sales teams more effectively.

As many students have now attended the programme, there has been a large amount of amazing research that sales managers and sales leaders have conducted into the way in which they manage their sales operations.

Rather than having final year projects and dissertations being left on the shelf, we decided to interview these students and help make their research more explicit for the benefit of the sales sector.

During the process of the Mastercast series, we will be publishing a significant range of practitioner-led research with the students who carried them out, ranging from:


  • How do we transform a sales culture?
  • The merits of different types of selling systems?
  • How coaching is used to increase sales performance
  • How different leadership approaches can help during times of crisis


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