Royal Mail Group receive two Princess Royal Training Awards for work with Consalia

15 August 2023

15th August 2023 - HRH The Princess Royal has approved Royal Mail Group to receive two Princess Royal Training Awards for training programmes delivered in partnership with Consalia.

The Princess Royal Training Awards were established in 2016 and are delivered by the City & Guilds Foundation. Their purpose is to recognise exceptional training programmes that have had real impacts on the organisations that run them.

Royal Mail Group have been recognised for two of their programmes:

The Inspiring Sales Mindsets for Growth Programme, a 6-month blended-learning programme designed to change the way salespeople think and open up new opportunities using Consalia's Sales Mindsets and Winning Value Propositions bidding approach. The programme incorporates elearning, webinars, and in-person workshops.

The B2B Sales Professional Degree Apprenticeship is a 3-year programme designed to teach every aspect B2B selling. Developed and delivered in partnership with Consalia and Middlesex University, it teaches not only the skills but also the values required to be a successful B2B salesperson.

“To win one Princess Royal Award is a great achievement. To win two awards is just brilliant.” Said Dr Louise Sutton, Academy Director at Consalia. “Royal Mail Group have always been early instigators of new and innovative development programmes and it’s been a privilege to have had the opportunity to be included in their vision for early-career sales apprentices with the BSc in B2B Sales as well as the Inspiring Sales Mindsets for Growth programme for their experienced Field Sales Team."

Consalia CEO Dr Phil Squire added “These awards reflect the hard work and dedication of a tremendous number of people - both those responsible for the development of the programmes but also all those within Royal Mail Group who have embraced the programmes and dedicated themselves to learning. Everyone here at Consalia is tremendously proud to have contributed towards this amazing achievement.”

Jon Nicholson, Royal Mail's UK Group Sales Director, said "This recognition reflects the exceptional approach we have taken in elevating the professionalism of our Royal Mail and Parcelforce UK Sales teams. Our Sales training team Hiral Soneji and Oksana Nosulich, along with our training partner Consalia Sales Business School, have all worked tirelessly to make these programmes a continuing success. As well as all the other individuals who constantly strive to push the boundaries of learning design, delivery and workplace excellence have truly made these awards possible."

Entries for the Princess Royal Training Awards are judged on three hallmarks:

Why? - Why did the organisation launch the program, and have they integrated it into their organisational strategy?

How? - How was the programme designed, delivered, and evaluated?

What? - What impact did the programme have on the team members involved and the organisation as a whole?

The fact that Royal Mail Group have met the Awards' rigorous standards is testament to how effectively they have been run throughout every stage of their development and delivery.

André Lahiff, Royal Mail’s Sales Operations Lead, said "This marks the second Princess Royal award for our Business to Business Sales Professional Degree Apprenticeship Program. This is a source of immense pride as we continue to evolve and enhance this apprenticeship and other Sales Apprenticeship programmes. These play a crucial role in attracting a diverse and fresh wave of talent to our Royal Mail commercial sales teams."


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