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28 March 2019

March 28th  2019 London

Consalia today announced a Master’s Degree Apprenticeship Senior Sales Leader degree.  The Master’s Degree Apprenticeship offers an exciting route for UK companies to increase the skills of their sales leadership talent. It’s the first and only apprentice levy funded Masters degree specifically tailored for the sales community in the UK.

Louise Sutton Academy Director at Consalia explains: “Consalia has been offering a Masters programme with Middlesex since 2012 and also was the first to offer apprenticeship degrees, again in conjunction with Middlesex. This new Master’s Degree apprenticeship programme opens the door to more companies, since they can now use their apprenticeship levy to fund the development of their leadership talent.”

The first Master’s Degree Apprenticeship course is scheduled to start in May 2019.

Philip Squire Consalia CEO adds “we are particular pleased to have a created a life-long pathway for sales people who can undertake undergraduate and then post graduate degrees in their chosen profession- this is the first time that sales professionals have had the chance to take professional education as a means of furthering their career development.”

The Consalia MSc Masters Apprenticeship is a 2 year programme where employees attend University part-time, and supplement this with work-based learning. The programme focuses on sales leadership, and leading change and transformation in sales. A final work-based project completes the programme.

Note on Apprenticeships: Apprenticeships represent a government-backed initiative to support skills-development in the workplace. Designed around an employer-developed Standard for competence in a specific role, Apprenticeships combine on-the-job learning with a structured approach to study. As of April 2017, all companies with a UK salary bill of greater than £3million are required by law to pay a ‘levy’ of 0.5% above £3m.  Companies can make use of their levy spend, by directing funds towards a ‘Degree apprenticeship’ programme with approved suppliers. The programme is open to new and existing employees.

Consalia operates the UK’s only dedicated Sales Business School offering Degree, Master’s Degrees and short Executive programmes. In addition, Consalia offers a consultancy service to help companies transform their Sales performance.

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