“Finding Your Written Voice” Course Announced

02 July 2019

The ability to communicate clearly and in an engaging way is extremely valuable for many people, whether in business, academic, or professional publishing capacity. Consalia is introducing a course designed to help people improve their writing skills and ultimately get their work published. Led by Christine Eastman,  author of ‘Improving Workplace Learning by Teaching Literature’, and ‘Coaching for Professional Development’, this course gives people the opportunity to explore how to write a proposal for a monograph, article, or book in their chosen field.

The course, called “Finding Your Written Voice,” will be taught by Consalia. Participants will engage in exercises designed to develop and strengthen their ability to communicate clearly and concisely, whether in writing, public speaking, or video.

In addition to giving you guidance on how to improve your written style, this course will also teach you how to pick a topic for an academic essay, develop a good argument and structure an essay, and write an effective conclusion. In addition, it addresses the question of how to start an introduction for an essay, and how to write a concluding paragraph.

The course begins in February 2020. More information, including registration details, can be found here:


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