Consalia Online: Redefining Sales Education in the Digital Age

23 November 2023

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of Consalia Online, a groundbreaking solution that empowers individuals and teams to learn, adapt, and transform, all within the convenience of a digital platform.   


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Consalia Online distinguishes itself as a far cry from the run-of-the-mill e-learning programme, comprising a series of online modules deeply rooted in Consalia's philosophy of values-led sales education. Our innovative suite of programmes seamlessly integrate various media elements, including narration, videos, infographics, and interactive features, providing an engaging and immersive learning experience that is adaptable across both desktop and mobile devices. 


The offering is structured into three distinct options: 


  1. Consalia Online: A series of 100% online modules based on Consalia's philosophy of values-led sales education, readily available for purchase through our online checkout system.


  1. Consalia for Employers: The modules above delivered at scale. An online solution tailored for entire sales teams, designed to empower their salesforce with this transformative learning, ultimately driving revenue growth.


  1. Consalia Online+: A comprehensive blended learning solution for sales teams, these programmes combine our online modules with webinars, in-person workshops, coaching, and a host of other valuable resources.


Consalia Online Sales Education

An exclusive look into the Sales Mindset module on Consalia Online. 


One of the standout features of Consalia Online is its adaptability. Whether you are an individual keen on revamping your sales approach or a team leader looking to upskill your entire sales force, Consalia Online has the perfect solution. With its modular design, learners have the freedom to study at their own pace – the platform even includes a built-in discussion section, fostering collaboration among team members. 

Embarking on your journey with Consalia Online is seamless. All it takes is the purchase of one or more modules, setting up your login credentials, and you're primed for your sales transformation journey. For those considering it for their broader team, our support team is on hand to facilitate the efficient distribution of logins during the onboarding process. 

The modular approach allows for a tailored learning experience that suits specific needs. In a marketplace overflowing with sales training options, Consalia Online distinguishes itself by introducing a fresh, academic approach to learning. Unlike conventional sales training methods or generic online alternatives, it boasts a robust foundation in academic excellence. The programme's content is derived from academically accredited modules, underpinned by peer-reviewed research. 

Consalia Online presents the future of sales education at your fingertips – a flexible, practical experience that's profoundly rooted in academic excellence. We invite you to join us in reshaping the way you approach sales and elevate your sales team to unprecedented heights. Discover the future of sales education today with Consalia Online. 

As an introductory offer you can claim 30% off the cost of our "Sales Mindsets" online module. Just enter code EARLYBIRD30 at checkout. Don't delay though - this offer is only available until 15th December!

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