Consalia launches first Sales Business School

04 April 2019

April 8th  2019 London

Consalia today announced the establishment of the first dedicated Business School for Sales. This follows the successful introduction over the last 7 years of Masters’ Degree and Degree-level programmes for Sales Leaders and Sales professionals.

Dr Philip Squire, CEO of Consalia explains the rationale: “We believe passionately in sales as a profession, and that dedicated programmes at all levels are required for professional development for sales leaders and salespeople. By creating a Sales Business School, we are able to offer the broadest range of Degree level and Master’s Degree programmes, as well as offer shorter executive programmes utilising the same learning methodologies, specifically to meet the needs of Sales”.

For 2019, the Consalia Sales Business school will offer Master’s Degree programmes in Sales Transformation, Leading Sales Transformation and Key Account Transformation. A Post Graduate Certificate in Sales Coaching is also available. These programmes are two years in duration based on part-time study and work-based learning, and are accredited by Middlesex University.  Apprenticeship degree programmes in B2B Sales are offered as 3-year programmes, again based on part-time study and work-based learning. These programmes are accredited by Middlesex University or Leeds Trinity University.  Finally, a range of short programmes, with 2-3 days of tuition followed by project work, are offered for Executive learning. The Sales Business school is international in outlook, accepting students from around the world.

Andrew Hough, CEO of the Association of Professional Sales (APS) adds “The introduction of a UK business school focused exclusively on sales is a significant step forward in ensuring the recognition of sales as a bona fide profession. We welcome the range of professional development options now available to sales leaders and sales professionals from the Consalia Sales Business school”.

To date, over 100 students have enrolled or successfully completed Master’s Degree programmes run by Consalia and Middlesex, with companies such as SAP, Sony, Toshiba, and HP participating. Apprenticeship degree programmes started in 2018 and over 80 students are currently enrolled with another 60 scheduled this year. Companies participating on the degree programme include BT, Royal Mail, Whitbread, Microsoft, E.ON and Bentley.


In addition to the Sales Business School, Consalia offers a consultancy service to help companies transform their Sales performance.

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