Celebrating Consalia’s First Level 6 and Level 7 Graduating Class

24 August 2022

It's about that time of year again when students around the country gather to celebrate their grand achievements from the time and effort they have put into their studies.  

This graduation cycle, however, is a special one for Consalia because our first cohort groups for Level 6 BSc Professional Practice in B2B Sales have graduated! 

Along with this group, the cohorts that undertook the MSc Professional Practice Senior Sales Leadership (now Level 7 PGDip Professional Practice in Senior Sales Leadership apprenticeships) and the Executive Masters programme have also graduated!  

Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted, many of our students were finally able to walk across the stage at Middlesex University and accept their certificates. 



With over 100 of our students graduating this year, we want to give a big congratulations and thank you. Thank you for working hard and staying dedicated, but most of all, thank you for your contribution to furthering the professionalisation of sales.  

This year's graduation consisted of students from SKF, British Telecom, AON Group Ltd, Hyster Yale UK Limited, Stannah Lifts Holdings, Whitbread PLC, Sharp Business Systems UK Plc, Brammer Ltd, Toshiba TEC UK Imaging Systems, and Royal Mail. 

Through celebrating our first ever graduates from our BSc Professional Practice in B2B Sales programme, we are reminded just how important it is for Consalia to continue our mission: Helping to make Sales the world's most sought-after profession. Our first Level 6 graduating class proves to us that the years of research and dedication to improving the way salespeople sell is paying forward. Over the years while working closely with each of our students, the Consalia team have had the opportunity to meet salespeople with varied backgrounds and pain points. We were able to further improve ourselves as an education provider and continue to do so to ensure we are offering the best modules. We are excited to witness the inevitable career progression of each student. This is an amazing achievement for each of them. 



As Consalia continues to grow as a company, we will likewise continue to support our graduates who are now part of the Consalia ecosystem. We look forward to hearing about their journey on our programmes and their personal stories, inviting them on to the Sales Transformation Podcast to share their insights from being on the programme, and watching their careers flourish. 

While researching for his Doctorate, Dr Phil discovered that only 10% of salespeople actually sell to customers the way they want to be sold to. As a business, Consalia can now proudly say that our graduates are in that 10%. 


Be part of the ecosystem 

Are you considering pursuing higher education in sales? Join our graduates and explore our integrated work-based learning programmes.

Funded by your company, you will continue to work while up-skilling and progressing in your career. Our blended work-based learning programmes gives you the opportunity to immediately apply new learning to your work. They are also recognised by all major corporations, with most programmes in partnership with Middlesex University. Many of our graduates have gone on to accept promotions within their businesses or moved on to new companies in higher positions. In addition to one-to-one guidance, you will network with a mixed cohort of like-minded sales professionals from different backgrounds.

Take the next steps to build the necessary knowledge, behaviours and skills needed to progress in your sales team and career like our graduates. Consider our work-based integrated learning programmes below.



BSc Professional Practice in B2B Sales Apprenticeship

For aspiring and early career salespeople wishing to develop professional practice in business-to-business sales.

PGDip Professional Practice in Senior Sales Leadership Apprenticeship

For senior professionals looking to develop their leadership skills.

Executive Masters

For senior sales leaders who want to challenge their thinking and develop new sales leadership skills. This is the first opportunity for salespeople to receive academic recognition at a Masters level as a sales professional. Choose between 3 masters programmes for your development:  


  • Professional Practice in Key Account Transformation: For Key Account Managers who are tasked with maximising return on opportunities  
  • Professional Practice in Leading Sales Transformation: For Senior Sales Professionals who are transitioning into a leadership role 
  • Professional Practice in Sales Transformation: For Sales Managers and Account Managers who are simply responsible for revenue 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our flexible programmes and take the next step in progressing your sales career or sales team. Maybe soon we will be celebrating your sales achievements! 


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