Alumni News 5

30 March 2022

It’s that time again. Keeping in line with our goal to make sales the most sought-after profession, we present to you the 5th issue of Alumni News. Find out the latest news about Consalia while getting a glimpse of what you could expect after graduation, see what our alumni are currently doing and much more…


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For the first time ever, we also have interviews with graduates from our very first Level 6 Business to Business Sales Degree Apprenticeship. Christian Nolan, Regional Account Manager and Oksana Nosulich, Sales Training Manager both from Royal Mail, discuss their journey through the B2B Sales Degree, as well as what they have learned during their 3 years on the programme.

In this issue, you will also hear more from Dr Philip Squire on Relationship Capitalisation with a round-up of last year’s Global Sales Transformation event, as well as interviews with SAP graduates, Cristina Ricaurte, Director Spain: Solutions & Innovation and Dante Ricci, Global Marketing Lead for Public Sector about their experiences during and after the Master’s.

Also, find out who has recently graduated from the Consalia Sales Business School, as well as a look at some new faces here at Consalia.

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