The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 86 - Unlocking Sales Success: Empowering Inclusive Change Management

02 August 2023

In this Mastercast episode, Dr. Phil is joined by Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich who is the Global Sales Transformation Director at Royal Caribbean and is the Founder of SCARED SO WHAT Ltd. Grant is a recent Consalia Alumnus who, like Consalia, is on a mission to professionalise the sales career path. He is one of the first to complete the master’s in Leading Sales Transformation and to become a Doctor in Sales Transformation, as well as a Certified Sales Transformation Coach within the travel and hospitality industry.

Grant is also an author of the new book titled ‘’Transforming Sales Management: Lead Sales Teams Through Change’’. During this episode, various organisational change models are discussed, but more importantly Grant introduces the SCARED SO WHAT model as a method for empowering sales leaders and their teams to apply inclusive personal change management individually and within their organisations.  

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Grant also focuses on topics such as: 

- [15:53] 70% of change management fails - what's the missing link?

- [28:35] To what extent have you been taught to manage personal change? 

- [39:59] How do you start to manage personal change in your sales role?


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