The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 85 - Unveiling the Intersection of Relationships, Business Acumen, and Sales Enablement

26 July 2023

In this edition of The Sales Transformation Podcast Dr. Phil is joined by Ashton Williams, who is a Senior Manager, Global Enablement - Sales Strategy, Methodology and Leadership at Slack. The episode provides a detailed insight into Ashton’s journey from studying art at university to becoming involved in the sales enablement world for one of the world’s largest instant messaging platforms. Ashton also touches upon the challenges she has faced along the way and the biggest lessons she has learnt from them.   


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The pair also discuss:   
- [23:55] The importance of salespeople knowing business acumen. 
- [36:04] Key agenda items for sales enablement professionals going forward. 
- [44:29] How critical reflection will help salespeople navigate a changing world.


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