The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 84 - Transformative Sales Mindsets for unprecedented success

19 July 2023

Episode 84 of The Sales Transformation Podcast showcases a conversation from the Sales Game Changers Podcast which is hosted by Fred Diamond, the President and Co-Founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES). During this episode, Fred is joined by an esteemed panel consisting of Consalia’s very own Dr. Philip Squire, as well as the Global Sales Transformation Director at Royal Caribbean, Dr. Grant Ulbrich and the Head of Innovation & Digital Strategy, Global Sales Learning at SAP, Axel Ferreyrolles.  



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The discussion revolves around the transformation of the sales profession. Dr. Philip shares his vision of making sales the world’s most sought-after profession and discusses the mindsets and values that customers want to see from salespeople. 


Dr. Grant and Axel also share their successful sales transformation journeys. Grant reveals how the cruise industry tackled the challenges posed by the pandemic by focusing on supporting B2B customers, while Axel highlights the shift to post-sales engagement and the importance of customer-centricity.  


They also discuss:  

  • [04:25] What is Sales Transformation?  
  • [12:02] How do the sales mindsets work? 
  • [15:17] How have the sales mindsets helped the likes of SAP and Royal Caribbean?  
  • [19:51] Does every salesperson have the ability to ‘’transform’’? 


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