The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 82 - Values and emotional intelligence in sales, sales enablement 3.0 and leading sales teams with a heart – The best of Q2 2023

06 July 2023

As we bid farewell to Q2 of 2023, we have curated a selection of the best bits from the Sales Transformation podcast. Our intention is to equip you, as a skilled sales professional, with the necessary knowledge and insights needed to succeed in Q3. With these valuable takeaways, we hope to empower you to excel and continue to elevate your sales performance.  


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Listen to:  

  • [1:34] Valuable selling lessons from the godfather of sales enablement 
  • [6:13] Values and emotional intelligence: a recipe for sales success  
  • [10:46] Sales teams can only transform if there is a shift in mindset  
  • [16:11] Do you require change or transformation in sales?  
  • [18:47] Obstacles to overcome when thinking about driving sales transformation  
  • [21:15] What are some of the barriers to transforming your salesforce?  
  • [25:09] Vision + coaching + sales mindsets = a sales leader's recipe for success  
  • [28:57] If salespeople adopt the sales mindsets, they will be more successful in hitting their targets  
  • [32:29] Proactive creativity and tactful audacity mindsets increasing market share from 8% to 17%  
  • [35:47] What can salespeople do to manage anxiety at work?  
  • [39:44] Your sales deck is your company’s strategic position  
  • [42:09] 5 steps to creating a strategic narrative  
  • [47:56] What does it mean to ''lead with the heart''? 
  • [50:00] What does ''leading with the heart'' result in, for sales teams? 
  • [53:47] What is a community of practice?  
  • [56:38] What could chickens and salespeople have in common?  

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