The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 81 - How can salespeople learn to manage change? Transforming Sales Management book launch event

29 June 2023

Episode 81 of the Sales Transformation podcast features a panel discussion from a recent webinar in which Dr. Philip Squire participated. The webinar was organised by Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich, who serves as the Global Sales Transformation Director at Royal Caribbean and is the Founder of SCARED SO WHAT Ltd. Dr. Van Ulbrich is not only a recent doctoral graduate but also an alumnus of the MSc in Leading Sales Transformation programme. 


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Following his graduation from the MSc in Leading Sales Transformation program, Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich has achieved remarkable accomplishments. Apart from being the first individual to hold a Doctorate in Sales Transformation within the travel and hospitality industry, he has also authored a book, adding to his list of achievements. 

Transforming Sales Management begins with an overview of sales management, sales transformation and change management. Showcasing the issues of organisation-focused frameworks in today's current sales atmosphere, the book makes a case for a bottom-up change management model: SCARED SO WHAT. 


The panel discuss: 

- [14:42] The burning question that sparked off Grant’s journey, tying together transformation and change 

- [22:52] How Grant managed massive amounts of change during the pandemic 

- [29:02] Who is the SCARED SO WHAT app designed for and how does it help people manage change? 


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