The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 80 - How does belonging contribute to a successful launch of a community of practice (Will Squire, 2021)

23 June 2023

In this Mastercast episode, we’re joined by Consalia’s very own Head of Sales, Will Squire who undertook the MSc in Leading Sales Transformation programme, graduating in 2021. 


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Will’s final project is titled “How does belonging contribute to a successful launch of a community of practice?” 

During the master’s, Will recognised an incredible opportunity within Consalia to construct a meaningful community of practice that went beyond conventional internal communication. Will's journey explored the significance of belonging and its impact on a community. 

Listen in as we delve into Will's research and insights, shedding light on the power of community, connection, and belonging during challenging times.  


The pair discuss: 

- [12:10] How can companies create a Community of Practice for Sales? 

- [35:41] What could a community of chickens and salespeople have in common? 

- [45:38] The Consalia Sales Transformation Community – what is it and how you can join 


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