The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 79 - How do you address the issue of salespeople not meeting targets? - May AMA

16 June 2023

Our fifth AMA of 2023 was a deep dive into the topic of transforming a sales organisation that has been failing to make targets.  

What are the right strategies to put in place that will allow senior leadership to believe in the process of sales transformation? 

Can it be achieved in the time frames the executive team is putting in place? 


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Dr Philip Squire and Will Squire tackled questions that were sent in prior to the webinar that touched upon a number of relevant ideas:  

- [5:11] Are there proven, affordable solutions to address the long-standing issue of salespeople not meeting targets and the resulting scepticism? 

- [37:15] How long does it take to transform a salesforce? 

- [46:26] How to adapt your selling practice when selling to millennials 


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