The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 78 - Inspire To Transform: How do you start the process of Sales Transformation w/ Axel Ferreyrolles

25 May 2023

Are you seeking a profound shift in your salesforce, a true transformation?

The second instalment of the Leading Sales Transformation Masterclasses featured the remarkable Axel Ferreyrolles. As the Head of Innovation and Transformation, Global CS Field Enablement at SAP, Axel brought his expertise to deliver a captivating Masterclass on the art of transformation.


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In our conversations with clients and students, many are hesitant to take the first step towards transformation due to the fear of the unknown. Transformation can be scary, and the idea of transforming something as integral to a business as its salesforce can be overwhelming. In this thought-provoking Masterclass, Axel unravels the essence of transformation and its distinctive nature compared to mere change, as well as the impact it can have on an organisation. 

During this enlightening Masterclass, Phil and Axel expertly guided participants through engaging discussions, which encouraged deep introspection and empowered attendees to draw upon their own experiences, unveiling unique insights.

Phil and Axel inspired attendees through a number of topics:

- [20:55] Why do most transformation projects fail?
- [31:39] The common barriers to transformation
- [42:58] How Axel and SAP have approached the notion of transformation and the results of the process

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