The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 72 - What is Sales Enablement 3.0? From the Godfather of Sales Enablement, Roderick Jefferson

12 April 2023

This episode of The Sales Transformation podcast welcomes Roderick Jefferson, otherwise known in the industry as “The Godfather of Sales Enablement”.

Roderick is an internationally recognised, business-focused speaker.

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Over the past 20+ years, Roderick has shared his dynamic and energetic voice globally in a variety of events including keynotes, guest lectures, and domain expertise panels, with companies including Oracle,, NetApp, PayPal, AT&T and others. 

In addition to a highly successful speaking career, Roderick is an acknowledged thought leader in the sales enablement space and author of the Amazon bestselling book, Sales Enablement 3.0: The Blueprint to Success.

Hear insights about:

-       [11:28] Valuable selling lessons from Roderick’s long-spanning career
-       [16:19] Values and Emotional Intelligence: A recipe for sales success
-       [23:47] What salespeople need to remember when using sales tools

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