The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 71 – Operating in a VUCA world, AI tools in Sales and reflection for sales leaders - The best of Q1 2023

06 April 2023

How has Q1 of 2023 been for you as a sales professional? We certainly hope it has been a great one with all your targets being met!

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This episode of the Sales Transformation podcast brings to you a collection of the best snippets from all our episodes in Q1 2023 so that you can take these actionable thought-provoking insights into Q2 of this year for further success.

Listen to:
  • [01:35] - How can sales leaders navigate through this VUCA world?
  • [06:00] - Not enough sales leaders give themselves time to reflect
  • [09:53] - How can sales leaders create space for themselves under pressure?
  • [13:19] - Values will influence an organisation’s culture
  • [20:37] - How will AI tools like ChatGPT impact salespeople and the way they work?
  • [27:28] - How should you split account management and new business development teams?
  • [32:42] - What high value activities do the most successful people spend their time on?
  • [37:07] - If more B2B buyers want a rep-free buying process, how should salespeople adapt?
  • [42:05] - Can a change in mindsets guarantee more deals won and fewer losses?

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