The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 69 – Decode, Design And Manage Corporate DNA: Building And Growing Businesses In Line With Values

26 March 2023

When it comes to culture, businesses have different ways of defining it. From the brand of an organisation, right the way through to the employees who work for the organisation, many businesses struggle with understanding how to manage their corporate DNA.

This week’s episode sees Vesna Mardonovic, Co-Founder of Business Genome, discuss how organisations can begin to understand their own cultural DNA.


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Vesna has worked for many organisations with inspiring leaders and has also managed and led her own teams for over 30 years.
Before Business Genome, Vesna was a member of the GSK CEE Leadership team where she led third-party teams in 30 countries, each with different cultures, languages and legal systems. She has also set up and led several media agencies across the Adriatic and Balkan regions. 

Phil and Vesna dive into:

-       [16:14] How values influence a company’s culture

-       [23:31] The difference in transforming strategy and culture

-       [35:04] Why company values must be displayed in every function of an organisation


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