The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 66 – How salespeople can adapt to B2B buyers' desire for a rep-free buying process - February AMA

02 March 2023

In this episode, we share highlights from our recent February AMA webinar featuring Dr Philip Squire and Will Squire, where these stimulating conversations are sure to provoke thoughts on how salespeople can better conduct their sales practice.


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With B2B buyers increasingly preferring a rep-free buying process, salespeople are faced with the challenge of adapting to this changing landscape. Both share insights on how salespeople can conduct themselves to succeed in this environment, as well as discuss other topics such as: 


-       [14:31] What high-value activities do the most successful salespeople spend their time on?

-       [19:06] What sales tools are out there that can enable salespeople to do their job more effectively?

-       [34:38] Will Inside Sales be a more prevalent role in the future?


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