The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 65 – Sales as a career: UCAS discusses student sentiment

23 February 2023

In this episode, Dr Katie Bell, Chief Marketing Officer at UCAS presents “Sales as a Career: UCAS discusses student sentiment”, taken from our last Global Sales Transformation XVII event.



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The career of sales is often not spoken about in secondary schools as much as other professions. That being said, what can employers do to change that through apprenticeships, given the current data that UCAS has collected on student sentiments around the sales profession?

In the presentation, she explores:

  • [8:09] Understanding student choices and pathways available to them
  • [19:19] What potential students are looking to get out of a sales role when it comes to salary expectations
  • [32:58] How employers can use UCAS as a service to source apprenticeship talent


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