The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 55 - Relating Sales Leadership Through Short Stories With George Pastidis

27 September 2022

Here at Consalia, we are always interested in learning how to further develop the sales industry and connecting with Sales leaders to spread key knowledge to our audience.

On this week's episode of the Sales Transformation podcast, Dr Phil speaks with longtime friend George Pastidis, Head of Sales Enablement Programs at Ericsson, about storytelling and his book "90 Short Stories for Better Business".


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Having his book recently published, "90 Short Stories for Better Business", George is also a sales trainer, sales coach, sales enablement practitioner and learning & development consultant. Using the knowledge he gained over his career, George relates his experience to sales leadership through short stories within his book.  

In this episode of the Sales Transformation podcast, George and Phil have a great conversation about the inspiration behind "90 Short Stories for Better Business", the development of the sales industry over the years, the importance of good management to gain confidence and more.

Look forward to:

  • [10:50] What planted the seed to write "90 Short Stories for Better Business", and what inspired its structure?
  • [24:26] Discussion on particular stories that may have had an impact on George on a personal level as a salesperson  
  • [38:55] George's perspective on leaders as a coach and if coaching is an integral part of leadership
  • [41:06] The current state of the Sales Industry and in what direction it seems to be heading


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