The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 51 - The International Journal of Sales Transformation and The Future of Sales

27 July 2022

In this episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast, hear from Nick De Cent, Managing Director and Editor-In-Chief at The International Journal of Sales Transformation. Learn more about the Journal and its many different hubs that cater to specific interests within the sales industry, the challenges he believes the industry will face in the future and more.


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Nick De Cent and Dr Phil Squire have known each other for many years. In this episode, enjoy the back-and-forth conversation, and hear their opinions on important aspects of the sales industry. Additionally, get a clear understanding of what The International Journal of Sales is and how it can be used as a source to quickly find any information regarding sales.


Look forward to:

[8:18] What are the current key trends and challenges that sales and sales organisations face today, and how do you create a suitable pipeline of growing talent today?

[22:22] What are some challenges the sales profession faces in terms of attracting great talent? 

[35:04] What are the steps reputation management needs to improve on in order to change audience perception of the sales industry?

[38:23] Discover how you can use The International Journal of Sales Transformation are a source for all sales information, and how it has adapted to today's consumer: Information on-demand in different formats


Visit The International Journal of Sales on their website and get the insights you need. Also, look forward to the next issue of The International Journal of Sales, where you will read about the personal experiences, good and bad, of salespeople. 

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