The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 48 - Including ‘Choice’ into Change Models via SCARED SO WHAT™ with Grant Van Ulbrich

30 June 2022

In this episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast, Dr. Phil speaks with Grant Van Ulbrich, Global Director of Sales Transformation.


"If we in business do not adapt to the eras in which we're living and operating, then we probably won't be in business very long, or we might be, but we won't be growing as fast as the rest of the world.

You have to adapt. And that means our sales processes have to adapt as well. Dr. Birkinshaw in his evidence and research about emocracy, I think hits home to what I'm trying to do with Scared So What. It's to say, in a society where emotions are driving the decisions, then we must therefore learn how to react and or critically think through and reflect on changes.

And that is a hundred per cent about emotion." - Grant Van Ulbrich


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Listen as they deep dive into Grant’s final year thesis titled, Including ‘Choice’ into Change Models via SCARED SO WHAT™, buying based on emotion, how his research lead him to create Scared So What and more.

Gain valuable insights and find out Grant's future plans such as preparing to publish his book, Transforming Sales Management: Lead your sales teams through change.

Look forward to:

  • [1:20] Transformation in a new role
  • [25:47] The idea behind Scared So What
  • [39:55] Buying decisions based on emotion


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