The Sales Transformation Podcast - Ep 45: Sell Without Selling Out with Andy Paul

25 May 2022

In this episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast, Dr Phil has an in-depth discussion with author and "Master podcaster" Andy Paul, about his book, "Sell Without Selling Out", and the many important factors that he sees are causing a roadblock in the way salespeople sell today.


"There's a fundamental reward that comes from giving that we all experience, right? And some people need more miserly than others. I talk about in the section on generosity, it's about acting with intent, right? It's not just the default, but it's to say look, I have to be intentional about giving you something of value that helps you get your job done.


I think as people keep focused on the intent part, then eventually that becomes a habit as well. I talk about in the book [Sell Without Selling Out], any opportunities, if you're a seller or your sales manager, coaching your sellers, and you're doing a pipeline review... But as a seller, you should be able to answer two fundamental questions about every opportunity in your pipeline, which is:


"What does the buyer need from me right now, in order to make progress toward making a decision?" And B "As a result of receiving that value, what steps will they commit to taking?"


It requires a level of intent and thoughtfulness about what you're doing. This is a challenge for some sellers because they're again, so programmed to be somewhat robotic in how they move through their processes.


And, Yeah well, that's just not the profession we're in. We're in a very creative human-centric profession and we need to act accordingly."


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Look forward to great discussions about mental health in the workplace, working as a team and more:


[14:40] A fundamental issue within the sales industry today

[19:00] Sell without selling out

[35:29] Andy's four pillars in sales

[39:52] Generosity in sales


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