The Sales Transformation Podcast - Ep 44: Resilience and Mental Health Awareness in the workplace - Panel Session

12 May 2022

In this episode of the Sales Transformation Podcast, Dr. Phil hosts a panel discussing resilience and mental health in the workplace.

The panel includes Carl Day, Director of Sales & Marketing at Apogee Corporation, Andrew Hough,


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Hear how some of the panel members overcame their hardships, what they learned that helped them become better salespeople and their opinions on how organisations can create a better work environment.


Look forward to the panel discussing:

[16:35] What companies can do to support their employees

[23:27] Organisations embracing “Mental Health First Aid”

[28:20] Programs that have been implemented in the workplace to manage stress and achieve good results

[31:49] Not only focusing on the negatives but also celebrating wins


Throughout this episode, the panel are also asked various questions about the given topic and comments made during to discussion.


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