The Sales Transformation Podcast - Ep 41: Pushing the Boundaries at Consalia's Sales Business School

28 April 2022

In this episode of the Transformation Podcast, we hear from Louis Sutten, Academy Director at Consalia, about Consalia Sales Business School, their students and the topic of pushing boundaries.



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Immediately Louis sets the tone of this episode by discussing three different types of boundaries, and VUCA: voluntell, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.


“…Things are changing all of the time. So we have to think about boundaries and we have to think about this, sort of era of constant change.” – Louis Sutten

Look forward to exploring insightful examples: 

  • [8:56] How cultures can push boundaries, and the importance of having a various
  • [14:16] Recognising habits that need to be changed
  • [17:02] The purpose of the Masters programme

Also, Dr. Phil discusses next year’s GST and its theme.

Show Notes:


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