The Sales Transformation Podcast - Ep 3: Organisational Resiliency

06 November 2020

Resiliency trilogy: How do you build organisational resiliency?


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With the current climate that companies face, organisations will be required to be more resilient than ever before. Pressures that sales teams face have either stayed the same or in some cases increased, despite the world pandemic we’re in.

In the first of the Resiliency trilogy, Dr Philip Squire speaks to Sir Graeme Lamb KBE, CMG, DSO, a former 3-star general of the British Army and former Director of the SAS.

The pair tackle a number of topics on organisational resiliency and draw on experiences from Graeme’s chapter in the army:

  • How can companies develop resiliency at an organisational level rather than at a personal level?
  • What failure in the field has taught the former Director of the SAS, and how you can apply those teachings to your own circumstances
  • The importance of reflective practice and the connection between the ability to adapt and the ability to reflect: how do those two ideas co-exist?

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