The Sales Transformation Podcast - Ep 21: In The Funnel with Mark Cox

23 November 2021

In The Funnel with Mark Cox


The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 21 - In The Funnel with Mark Cox



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In this latest episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast, we bring to you a recording of Dr Phil Squire who recently featured on the In The Funnel webinar hosted by Mark Cox.

Mark Cox is the CEO of In The Funnel. He has sold, structured and negotiated some of the largest single-sale transactions in North America, including a billion-dollar transaction with a top-10 U.S. bank. The “In The Funnel” webinars that he hosts are open to the entire community of B2B sales professionals with the intent of the webinars to educate and motivate B2B communities to maximize sales performance.

Dr Phil and Mark spoke about:

  • A brief summary of the Global Sales Transformation XVI event
  • A dabble into Dr Phil’s history
  • How the book “Selling Transformed” came about
  • Exploring the 4 positive sales mindsets in more detail (Authenticity, Client-Centricity, Proactive Creativity and Tactful Audacity)

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