The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 105 – GST XVIII: When the future gets here, will you know how to sell it? w/ Cathy Ward

11 January 2024

Welcome to the first of our uploads of talks from Global Sales Transformation XVIII! First up it’s an introduction by Consalia CEO Phillip Squire, followed by our keynote talk from Cathy Ward, Founder of the Future Ready Agency. 

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In this session Cathy discusses why organisations find change so hard, and how adopting a common language for talking about the future could be the key to preparing for the issues of tomorrow. 

Highlights include: 

  • [14:28] – Why do organisations struggle so much with change? 
  • [16:45] – Organisations and employees need to work together on transformation 
  • [29:56] – How future-ready thinking quadrupled win-rate in 18 months 


NOTE: This talk contains visual elements. You can watch over on our YouTube channel for the full experience! 

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